How to Clean a Mop

how to clean a mop


Here’s a question: do you know how to clean a mop? If your answer runs along the lines of washing it under the faucet after use, you and your floors might be in real trouble. And by trouble, we mean nasty, filthy, disease-carrying trouble! Mops, after all, pick up whatever filthy things are on the surface – bacteria and germs included – which get easily transferred wherever the mops land next.

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business cleaning supplies

Commercial Cleaning Supplies For Your Business

No matter what industry your business services, it is important to keep your business clean and sterile, and you can only do so with the proper cleaning supplies!  Medical and restaurant facilities require cleanliness at all costs to keep customers and employees healthy. However, other businesses like hotels, corporate centers, and industrial facilities must keep their businesses clean to portray an excellent image as well as prevent hazardous dirt.

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