NDC Will Protect Your Business’s Floors This Winter

NDC Will Protect Your Business’s Floors This Winter

New challenges present themselves to businesses daily. Bringing outstanding service to the table is a year-round commitment. Nothing short of meticulous attention to detail is required to keep your professional image. Ebbs and flows in floor upkeep are par for the course during changing seasons. But NDC understands that the companies that place themselves a cut above the competition are the ones that maintain a professional appearance that communicates care for their staff and guests. Here’s how NDC will protect your business’s floors this winter:

The NDC Difference

A great establishment is defined by more than margins and quarterly reports. NDC understands dedicated employees are the backbone of any company. Protecting them with a high-quality floor mat is essential to ensure they’re safe and enjoy the peace of mind that translates into increased productivity. Each day brings a unique challenge that demands a unique solution. During winter, it seems as though those challenges amplify ten-fold! Make sure you’re ready to step up to the plate and hit winter’s curveballs out of the park with NDC.

The Power of a First Impression

A pristine, spotless image holds more weight than many competitors realize. First impressions can make or break a business. Equip your floors with a rubber-backed floor mat that enhances business aesthetics, absorbs dirt and debris, and adds comfort. A little goes a long way. Adding another line of defense to contend with nature’s elements leaves a powerful impression on employees and customers that they’re more than just financial opportunities. 

Products That Answer the Call

NDC will protect your business’s floors this winter with a catalog of exceptional products that go toe-to-toe with any challenge you’ll face during the grueling winter months. Here’s some of what we offer:

Logo Mats

Who said looks and comfort can’t go hand-in-hand? NDC achieves the best of both worlds with a logo mat as pleasing to the eye as it is rugged. Add a little flair to your establishment with the logo that encapsulates who you are.

Wet Area Mats

Our wet area mats sport the best absorbent technology, which is absolutely essential during winter when there’s heavy foot traffic into your business. These mats absorb spills with ease while maintaining their form throughout the day.

Entrance Mats

Let the first thing your employees and guests see be a first-class entrance mat that sets the tone for the rest of their stay with a wonderful first impression.

Dust and Wet Mops

For the messes that need a little more attention, our plush dust and wet mops finish the job and take spot cleaning to the next level with quick and efficient execution.

Fighting Slips and Falls

Slip-and-fall injuries are an unfortunate reality in business. With heavy traffic and the increased risks associated with winter, the risk of injury multiplies. NDC emphasizes first-line defense that withstands the rigors of a winter’s day with products that walk the walk.

NDC is the #1 Option to Protect Your Business’s Floors This Winter

We will protect your business’s floors this winter by offering world-class products that put an exclamation point on comprehensive service. Our fragrant scents and hygienic products also fight those offensive winter smells. Streamlined deliveries, advanced inventory tracking, seamless buy/rent programs, industrial cleaning, and a passionate customer service team take our top-tier product line levels beyond the industry standard.

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