urinal products

Urinal products can’t be overlooked in any business! They are a necessity of a clean bathroom, which every business should strive to have. However, they are easy to forget until unpleasant odors start reminding employees and customers.

Bathrooms are sacred places. Keeping them fresh-smelling and clean is a great way to keep your employees and customers happy. National Dust Control is devoted to supplying you with only the best restroom products. The urinal products we provide:

  • Smell great: The last thing anyone wants is a smelly bathroom. It turns what could be a quick, simple trip into an inner dread of knowing that an awful scent is waiting for you there. NDC supplies urinal products designed to mask bad smells with a variety of several wonderful smells for you to choose from. 
  • Prevent debris: Like any waste disposal device, it’s important to make sure that urinals are doing their job. If they aren’t, then the debris will build up and cause blockages, horrible smells, and wet floors. NDC’s urinal products excel at clearing up your urinals so waste can flow smoothly without complications. 
  • Maintain the floors: Urinals are important to maintain but even keeping them clear and nice-smelling doesn’t keep your floors clean. There are a number of ways that your floors could become dirty where urinals are present. NDC has floor mats designed to prevent the ground from getting too messy. This helps keep everything in pristine shape while also preventing slip-and-fall injuries and their consequences. 

NDC Sells Quality Urinal Products at Affordable Rates

Every company deserves a clean space where employees and customers feel comfortable and safe. NDC is the leading provider of unrivaled urinal products. We maintain a high level of comfortable safety. Call us at (800) 238-2387 or contact us today with any questions you may have.