Dust Mops

facility dust mop

Dust mops can be instrumental in keeping your business’s floor clean and safe. As part of a regular maintenance routine, dust mopping keeps dust and dirt from collecting to dangerously high levels. As a common cause of respiratory difficulties in the workplace, it’s important that dust not only be removed regularly, but removed thoroughly. 

Unlike a broom, where thick bristles try to corral dust into one location, kicking it up and into the air along the way, dust mops glide calmly over the floor, grabbing all particulates along the way. When it’s fully loaded, you can either shake the collection into a collection area or unload it outside. 

Though generally used on the floor, they are easily applied to the walls or ceiling. What better way to tackle a dust issue than to capture the particles before they take flight again?

Dust mop length varies to best fit your needs, anywhere from 1 to 5 feet. If you have a large area to cover, a 4-foot dust mop will speed up the job substantially, freeing your employees for other tasks. 

Dust mops also have versatile handling that makes using them not only easy but enjoyable. 

Why Get Your Dust Mops From NDC?

We might be “The Floor Mat People,” but we really know floors in general. We know what it takes to maintain them, and have nearly fifty years of experience honing our craft. It takes quality materials, dedicated professionalism, and an emphasis on customer service. With NDC, you’ll never question whether you have the best, or are being treated well. 

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