Wet Area Mats

Wet Area Mats

Are your facility’s wet areas a lawsuit waiting to happen? It does not have to be that way! Not with National Dust Control’s wet area mats rental service on your side!

NDC’s wet area mat rental service ticks all the right boxes – from outstanding and reliable product quality to dependable maintenance service.

NDC gives you the wet area mat rental service that deserves your trust with…

Increased Safety and Protection From Slip and Falls

Wet areas are a slip and fall accident waiting to happen. Eliminate these risks and keep your employees safe with our selection of high-traction wet area mats. They keep walking areas dry while keeping water from spreading further around your floor space.

Maintenance by NDC

NDC keeps your wet area mats in tiptop condition. Our mat care system cleans and preserves your mats’ best features.

Maintained Facility Cleanliness

Nothing spreads dirt and filth indoors faster than wet shoes. NDC’s wet area mats help prevent that. Our floor mat surfaces keep the bottoms of shoes from getting into contact with wet surfaces. This prevents spreading water and mud into the rest of your facility.

The Right Wet Area Mats Make a Difference

When you’re looking to boost your facility’s cleanliness, your choice of mats can make a world of difference in cleanliness and safety. Wet areas in any facility can easily turn into a hotbed of filth and slip and fall accidents. NDC helps you stop that.

Our specialized wet area mats are the perfect solution to minimizing the risks and inconveniences of wet areas. We’ll keep your floor mats clean and safe, and your business worry and hassle-free.

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