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Why Is Dust Dangerous to Businesses?

Most businesses have enough on their plate already and dust control is something that is very easy to ignore. However, it can quickly get out of hand if left unchecked. Why is dust dangerous to businesses? It may not seem like much on its own. However, dust buildup can lead to a variety of long-term issues that are otherwise easy to avoid.

The Dangers of Dust in the Workplace

So why is dust dangerous to businesses? There are many problems associated with dust buildup. Each of the following is easy to prevent with the right cleaning product:

Common Health and Safety Hazards

Dust and debris buildup can easily sneak up on businesses, in particular on the floor and in areas not directly within line of sight. Slip and fall accidents are more common with dust buildup. This is because walking is so natural to many that they don’t pay attention to the floor when moving. This is especially the case when dust buildup is harder to notice and blends in with floor coloring. Dust also causes allergic reactions, which have the potential to exacerbate other medical conditions. Proper dust control alleviates both issues and creates a safe, clean business space.

Possible Floor Damage

Dust buildup takes a toll on the floors. Gradual floor damage can be hard to notice until dust persists for long enough. Once it becomes readily apparent, there may be an accompanying repair bill that takes its own toll from the company budget. Keeping an eye on dust and debris buildup is the best way to prevent this and is easy to manage.

Increased Potential for Losing Customers and Staff

Increased healthy risks and facility damage don’t look good to anyone, least of all customers and staff. They are more likely to leave for greener pastures without proper dust control. On the other hand, maintaining a clean and safe environment is a surefire way to increase customer retention and staff loyalty. 

NDC Mats Offers Reliable Dust Control Solutions

There’s no need to keep asking “why is dust dangerous to businesses” thanks to NDC! Since 1970, we have earned our name, National Dust Control, by providing industry-leading cleaning solutions. This includes:

  • Mats. NDC offers a wide variety of mats, each with unique benefits. With our products, customers can display their logo, keep customers comfortable on their feet, hold their ground against heavy traffic, and more! All of our mats are durable enough for extended use and excel at dust control.
  • Mops. NDC offers mops that help clean areas of the floor that our mats can’t cover. We provide absorbent wet mops that kill germs and viruses as well as dust mops dedicated to preventing debris buildup!
  • Facility Products. The floor isn’t the only area where dust buildup occurs. That’s why NDC offers towels and restroom cleaning products to ensure that every area of the facility is covered!

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