Why You Should Consider Floor Mat Rental Instead of Purchasing Floor Mats

floor mat rental

So you’ve made the shift: commercial floor mats are indeed for you. Congratulations! There is little to no doubt about the convenience and efficiency that the right commercial floor mats can do for your facility. For one, floor cleaning and maintenance will be so much easier with floor mats than without.

Watch this video for the difference between floor mat rental and ownership: 

There is just one more question left to be answered: should you rent or buy floor mats for your facility? We’ve listed the reasons why floor mat rental might be the best option for you.

Why You Should Consider Floor Mat Rental

There are a couple of reasons why renting is the best way to source commercial floor mats. Here are some of them:

Cost. Compared to buying floor mats, floor mat rental will cost you less in upfront costs. With renting, you only have to pay for the items that you need for a given period, and don’t have to shell out a large amount at once, making the impact on your overhead generally more tolerable.  

Maintenance. Renting your commercial floor mats means that the cleaning and maintenance of your facility’s floor mats are handled by certified professionals. This means better results with minimum effort required from you or your employees!

Quality Product Selection. Commercial floor mat rentals open you to endless product possibilities. Not only do commercial floor mat service companies offer a wider selection of products, but they also allow you versatile options so you are not stuck with the exact same mat for years on end!   

Customer Support. Renting your floor mats means getting access to customer support who will take care of your floor mats when you need them. Need emergency cleaning? They’ve got you! Need to replace your current mat? They can do that for you, too! Having a rental service partner means having someone who will make sure your floor mats are up to par with standards and meeting your needs and expectations. And if they’re not, you’ll know that someone will not stop working until you are completely satisfied.

Where to Rent Commercial Floor Mats

Renting the right commercial floor mats can only be straightforward and easy if you have the right company backing you up. Take no shortcuts in your search for the right service partner and make sure to look for these in your company of choice:

  • Industry Experience
  • Reputation for Integrity
  • Facility
  • Professional Service
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

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