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How to Maintain High-Traffic Mats in Your Business 

High-traffic mats, like entrance mats, absorb up to 90% of tracked-in dirt and dust from entering your premises. This makes them your facility’s first line of defense from the outside world. This also means that with all the regular battering they go through, they also require some extensive maintenance. But what exactly does that entail? Let’s look in detail at how to maintain high-traffic mats in your business.

The Importance of Proper High-Traffic Mat Maintenance

Properly maintaining your high-traffic mats is more than just a matter of cleanliness. It is also crucial to keep them safe. The dirt they accumulate over time can spill to their undersides, causing them to lose traction and become a safety hazard. Unmaintained floor mats also suffer from premature wear and tear. The surfaces become less abrasive, rendering them less effective in scraping dirt from the soles of shoes. The mat backing becomes thin and slippery, and the edges curl. All of this means they become slip, trip, and fall hazards.

Improperly maintaining your mats is just as bad as irregular cleaning. They run the risk of causing microscopic damages to your floor mats that can also lead to loss of safety features.

This is How to Maintain High-Traffic Mats in Your Business

Properly maintaining high-traffic mats requires a careful, precise formula of how and how often they should be washed. Here’s a quick guide on how to maintain high-traffic mats in your business:

Laundry Frequency

A regular 9×12 floor mat can accumulate up to a pound of dirt after a week of use. More during bad weather! It’s easy to envision how much higher the numbers grow for high-traffic mats in business spaces. For the best results, deep wash your high-traffic floor mats once a week.

Laundry Process

How floor mats are cleaned is just as important as how frequently you clean them. Ideally, high-traffic floor mats get washed in temperature-controlled heavy-duty washers with strong agitators and appropriate detergents. This is the most effective manner to thoroughly remove dirt, especially when it might be stuck at the bottom. Effective mat laundering procedures also involve proper drying. This helps prevent any mold and mildew buildup that can result from excess moisture.

Mat Handling and Storage

Storage is also an important element to properly maintain floor mats. This part of the process ensures mat longevity. For example, no part of the mat should end up curled or folded, as this can create microscopic cracks in the material. Mats should not be stored in rooms that are either too cold or too warm, as they can cause damage as well.

The Right Mat Laundry Service for Your Business

There is no question now just how important it is to properly maintain high-traffic mats. There is no question, either, how difficult and expensive it can get. That’s where NDC’s professional mat service comes in handy.

NDC sees you through every stage of your mat’s needs! From making sure that you have the right mats, in the volume that you need, to meeting their cleaning demands, we can ease all the burdens that come with keeping a mat supply.

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