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Somerset, New Jersey Mat Services

Most people think of mats as something extra – but what they fail to realize is that for all businesses, mats are a necessity, not an option. Your floor mats can perform essential tasks such as protecting your customers and employees from slip-and-fall accidents and routinely removing dirt and moisture from the bottoms of shoes so that your floor stays clean. Floor mats can even help you in your marketing efforts!

While procuring floor mats is a no-brainer, laundering and maintaining them can be a bit strenuous, especially when you have a million other urgent aspects of your business that require your attention. So, let NDC help! We are a complete mat service company, providing the following to your business:

  • Help in selecting the right mats for your industry
  • Regular laundering and maintenance service with our state-of-the-art technology
  • Only NFSI-certified mats so that you know our products are safe
  • A wide range of products that are customizable to fit your brand
  • An unbeatable commitment to customer satisfaction

Our Floor Mat Options

Our Somerset mat services include the following types of mats:

NDC’S Facility Services

We offer the highest-quality facility services in Somerset including:


No mat is perfect and that’s why you need our high-quality mops as your next line of defense:

Bar Towels and Aprons

With bar towels and aprons this good, maintaining a high degree of cleanliness is easy and your staff can perform at their best!

Restroom Products

Give your restrooms the attention they deserve with access to the best cleaning products in New Jersey and New York! This includes our:

Contact NDC Today!

Often, businesses will need several types of mats in one facility to fulfill different needs. Don’t worry about the complexity – our matting consultants will help you select the right floor mats and construct the best rental plan possible for your business. Want to relieve the pains and aches that your employees experience from standing for long periods of time? Want to find a way to keep your business cleaner throughout the day? Want to protect your restroom floors from moisture? Want to find a way to promote your logo in a classy and stylish way? NDC has a mat for you!

Call NDC today at 1-800-238-2387 or fill out our simple online form to connect with one of our expert Somerset mat services consultants. We can get you the mats you need, with services that make sense!