Mat Service in Atlantic City, NJ

Looking for mat service in Atlantic City? There are plenty of options but most of them will let you down. There is only one service that stands above the rest.

NDC is What You’re Looking For!

At NDC Mats, we specialize in making the lives of our clients easier. Our services improve Atlantic City businesses in many ways with our high-quality facility services.

Restroom Products

We supply a variety of products to keep restrooms clean. Our restroom products include comfortable-to-use paper towels and toilet tissue that will stand up to anything. We provide urinal products that clean up debris and help deal with tough odors. Speaking of bad smells, our air fresheners completely overpower and replace them with several different pleasant scents.

Bar Towels and Aprons

Restaurants pose many potential risks to kitchen staff. From lacerations and burns to the spread of germs and even potentially diseases, maintaining a safe, clean environment is important. That’s why NDC’s bar towels and aprons are thoroughly tested for their ability to stand up to these dangers. We produce everything with users in mind so if one of our products won’t work well enough for them, we will keep trying until we make something that does.


For what our mats can’t keep out, we provide dust and wet mops to thoroughly clean the floors. We have specially tailored each to prevent your business from dealing with expensive floor repair bills and dangerous slip-and-fall accidents

Floor Mats

NDC ensures that our clients’ floors maintain long, healthy lives. Our floor mats have long, durable bristles that keep outside elements at bay. They are highly customizable and can even sport company logos.

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