Top Causes of Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Workplace


Slip and fall accidents cause more than 1 million hospital visits a year. They are also one of the leading causes of compensation claims. There’s a whole laundry list of statistics on how much they cost, but perhaps the only thing more important than knowing how costly they can get is knowing the top causes of slips, trips, and falls in the workplace so you know exactly how to prevent them.

Top Causes of Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Workplace and How to Prevent Them

1. Descending steps.

Make sure that your steps are constructed to standards, have proper and working nosing, have accessible and stable handrails, have no damages, have proper surrounding light, and are not obstructed with moisture or grease.

2. Poor lighting.

Inadequate lighting in any situation is always detrimental, because it makes it difficult to see obstructions. Make sure to maintain your lighting fixtures regularly.

3. Unattended wires and cables.

Tripping on wires and cables may be the stuff of slapstick comedies but it is not too funny when tripping on loose cables and improperly positioned wires causes injuries. Keep your wires in check to ensure that they are all secured in place and do not pose a risk.

4. Dirty floors.

Mud, dirt, and clutter on the floor are not only unhygienic and unsightly, but they can also make your floors unsafe. Keep your floors clean and rid of debris and litter at all times.

5. Uneven or damaged floors.

Along with this, damaged mats, carpets, and other floor covers can also cause slips, trips, and falls in the workplace. Make sure that your floors are up to par with safety standards by repairing any damages, no matter how small or inconsequential they may seem, and making sure that your floor covers are safe and in top shape.

6. Wet or greasy floors.

Keep your floors dry and make sure to degrease them if they are regularly exposed to oil. Use separate mops to clean and dry your floors and use a quality degreaser that matches your flooring material.

Mats for Floor Safety

Protect your employees, customers, and business from the dangers of slips, trips, and falls by investing in the right floor mats! Making the right selection of mats is just as important as purchasing them. Here are some important things to remember before choosing your mats:

  • Choose according to your purpose. Are you buying mats for the entrance of your workplace? Or are you looking for mats for your high-moisture areas?
  • Pick the right size. The amount of coverage is essential to get the job done right.
  • Purchase/rent only NFSI-certified mats. An NFSI certification guarantees that the mats you are using have been tested for their efficacy in preventing slip, trip, and fall accidents.
  • Select mats from a reliable supplier. The right supplier will help you answer the aforementioned questions and will educate you on how to maintain your mats to keep them in optimal, safe condition.

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