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NFSI Guidelines For Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-Fatigue Floor mats provide foot and back support to employees that spend hours standing while performing their job. Over time without proper support joints can deteriorate and cause great pain to the employee resulting in having to take time off as well as hefty medical expenses and the cost is only rising.

NFSI outlines a certain form of guidelines for workplace safety, these are a few:

  • NFSI recommends floor mats with traction control to ensure a safe walkway.
  • The floor mats must have a backing which will prevent mat movement.
  • Scraper mats should be located outside of the business. Indoor floor mats should be used inside only.
  • Proper care and maintenance is required to keep products up-to-date.
  • Quality Anti-Fatigue mats ensure that your employees don’t suffer from leg and back fatigue.

By using our service you can rest assured that your business will have the appropriate anti-fatigue mats where they are needed and that they will be serviced on a regularly scheduled basis.  Our floor mat products follow all the rules set forth by NFSI as well as our own company guidelines.  We care highly about the safety of our customers and are confident that our products are of the highest quality.

How We Can Help Your Business With Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Our customer service team will create a floor mat service that not only meets your business needs but also fits your budget. If you need a little extra push to get started or are unsure if a floor mat service is right for your company take advantage of our free trial offer.

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