Mats Needed to Protect Your Business in Spring

spring business protection

Are you ready to protect your business’s floors in spring?

While we enjoy spring’s colors, showers, and warmth, our floors do not. The mud, rain, and the continuous barrage of heavy foot traffic can be brutal on them. If you are not prepared, you are looking at exorbitant costs on floor care before the season ends. Worst, you could be looking at ghastly floor repair bills.

Thankfully, there are ways to get your floors primed, ready, and protected for what spring brings. Ultimately, there is no better springtime floor protection than floor mats.  

Mats Needed to Protect Your Business in Spring

Before you grab the first mats you see, it’s important to understand that some floor mats are more suitable for the season than others. These are the ones that will best protect your floors against your biggest enemies this season: mud and excessive moisture.

Here is a list of the floor mats you need from your New Jersey floor mat rental service provider:

Scraper Mats

Scraper mats have a two-level design that helps you keep mud and moisture off your floors effectively. First, their raised surfaces are made to be extra abrasive. These abrasive cells effectively scrape off the under soles of shoes, removing everything that can dirty your floors. At the bottom of these abrasive cells is a catchment system that not only catches but also keeps the particulates effectively within the mats.

Entrance Mats

Reception areas are always the hardest hit with heavy foot traffic. The entrance is where all the mud and grime are heaviest. Proper entrance mats ensure you still get to welcome your customers in style even through layers and layers of scraper and brush mats. But entrance mats not only improve the look of your reception areas. They can even further fortify your defenses against springtime floor hassles. 

Slip-Resistant Mats

With more rain comes more mud and moisture. Alongside it comes a higher risk for slip and fall injuries. While this problem is year-round, sending an average of 2 million people to the ER every year, the risks are higher in wetter weather. That includes spring. The extra-strong traction in slip-resistant mats provides added protection against slip and fall accidents. They are ideal in wet areas as well as areas that could get exposed to rain.

Longer-Lasting Mats for Spring and Beyond

When it comes to commercial floor mats, there are two things that matter the most: the quality of your mats and the maintenance they receive. With all the battering they get from your springtime foot traffic, even the highest quality floor mats can only do so much. The right maintenance can make all the difference.

In New Jersey’s commercial floor mat rental service market, there’s only one name that can give you the best of both: National Dust Control!

NDC is your best source for top-notch quality floor mats for every room in your facility. Our experienced mat technicians will give your mats the care they need to last every season. There’s no better time than now to upgrade your floor care with NDC.

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