How to Tackle Employee Fatigue

employee fatigue 2

Employees are the backbone of any business and without them doing their best, a lot of things can go wrong. However, everyone has good days and bad days. We’ve all found ourselves staying up too late one night and coming into work the next day extremely fatigued. 

And while off days are normal, at one point does fatigue interrupt workflow and pose safety risks? A study conducted last year by the National Safety Council found that 69% of employees are tired at work. Shockingly, many of these employees were in safety-critical jobs like construction and transportation.

The battle to fight employee fatigue can be challenging, but there are ways to help employees feel alert while on the job. Here at NDC Mats, we’ve been working with a variety of businesses since 1970. We understand the importance of combating employee fatigue, and we’re here to help.

Here are three ways you can tackle employee fatigue today:

Schedule Appropriately

One of the most effective ways to help ease employee fatigue is to make sure that shifts are being scheduled appropriately. As important as it is to reach quotas and meet goals, it won’t be possible if employees are suffering from chronic fatigue.

Try to make schedules as consistent as possible so employees have a steady routine. Try to avoid long shifts and excessive overtime when possible. Also, be observant. Are your employees getting enough time to recover in between shifts?

Educate and Listen to Your Staff

Being aware of chronic fatigue and how it can affect your employees is an important step in solving the problem. If you see your employees struggling, consider holding meetings to educate on sleep health. Health and safety training is important in any industry, and adding sleep health to this training can be extremely beneficial.

Additionally, have an open door policy with your employees. Give them space to come and talk to you if they are struggling. If possible, let them choose their schedules so they can pick times they know will work better with their internal clocks.

Simply being aware of the issue and starting an open conversation can make a big difference in combating employee fatigue.

Invest in Anti-Fatigue Mats

While there isn’t a foolproof way to completely eliminate worker fatigue, there are products you can invest in to help employees during their shifts.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for long periods of time on a hard surface. Anti-fatigue mats have been proven to be helpful tools to combat fatigue. A study conducted in 2012 found that anti-fatigue mats can help prevent foot, leg, and back discomfort.

NDC Mats is Here to Help You Combat Employee Fatigue Today!

Employee fatigue is common, and it’s important to acknowledge the devastating effects it can have. By optimizing schedules, educating and listening to your staff, and investing in anti-fatigue mats, you can combat this issue while still meeting your business’s goals.

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