Tips For Keeping Your Restrooms Smelling Clean and Fresh

A clean restroom is a portrayal of a business’s value in cleanliness and safety for their customers, visitors, and employees. Keeping a restroom clean is not as simple as it seems. Organizing products and wiping off grime may present a spotless view for visitors, however, restrooms require further maintenance.

This is due to the lingering smells that the restroom emits. Restrooms tend to produce a wide array of scents which may disgust anyone entering them. Customers, employees, and visitors who smell an unpleasant odor in the restroom will associate this area as unclean and avoid using your facilities.

The key to restroom smell removal is through regular maintenance. Here are some tips for keeping your business’s restroom smelling fresh and sanitary:

  • Avoid wet puddles – By using floor mats in the restroom, and urinal mats in the urinals, water and other liquids will be absorbed. This will stop water from being carried around the restroom, decreasing extra odor. This will also prevent unnecessary slip and fall incidents from occurring.
  • Dust Mops/Wet Mops – Floor mats will only go as far as preventing excess spillage. What happens when you already have water and waste on the floors? Dust mops and wet mops will clean up the floors of the restrooms and are recommended to be used every day. Cleaning the floors regularly will prevent excess buildup of spillage and prevent odor from forming.
  • Air fresheners – Spraying quality air fresheners will benefit the overall smell. There are many different kinds to choose from. Some air fresheners eliminate odor entirely, some mask the odor with a pleasant scent, and some are hybrids of the two. Make sure to go over these type of product with your facility products provider.

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