Problem Areas in Your Restroom

Problem Areas in Your Restroom

There is only so much one can do right to keep customers loyal – but too many things that can easily go wrong and turn them off. For instance, your restrooms.

Filthy, nasty, and smelly restrooms list as among the top turn-offs for customers and this is especially true for businesses in the hospitality and service industries. It only takes one look – or the slightest whiff of the unmistakable sewer stench – to ruin whatever positive and impressive image you’ve created for your business. Would you really let public restroom germs get in the way of your business’ growth and success?

Top 6 Problem Areas in Your Restroom

The best way to combat germs in public bathrooms and the negative perception that a filthy restroom creates is to make your bathroom look, smell, and be actually clean. So, here are the five problem areas in your restrooms and ways to address them!

1. Toilet Bowls and Urinals

The Problem: Stains and smell. We’ve all been there: that millisecond of rising dread before opening the cubicle door half-expecting to see unimaginable filth that makes the hairs on the backs of our necks stand up and our gag reflexes go into hyperdrive. It’s an image and scent memory that is practically impossible to forget.

The Solution: Keep an impeccable toilet bowl and urinal with frequent cleaning, daily hard scrubbing, and by investing in a few essentials: a good toilet bowl disinfectant, automatic deodorizers, urinal mesh, and mats plus routine checks and maintenance of plumbing features. Automatic flushers are also a good, albeit costly, investment but they are the absolute, foolproof best solution against lazy toilet users.

2. Overflowing Trash Bins

The Problem: They are overflowing. No one likes being reminded of the, uhm, ‘remnants’, of someone else’s answering to nature’s calls. Overflowing trash bins are not just unsightly but they are also a very conducive way for germs in public bathrooms to proliferate and they smell up the air in your restroom cubicle.

The Solution: Always opt for trash bins with adequate covers – and especially ones that open with pedals. This reduces the chances of close and/or direct contact with the trash bins. And don’t forget to collect trash at least twice a day (or as often as needed).

3. Plumbing and Water Fixtures

The Problem: Leaks and malfunctions. More often than not, the most common problems of stained and smelly toilet bowls and urinals are the result of poorly functioning plumbing. Customers also commonly complain of malfunctioning (or outright non-functioning) faucets.

The Solution: Perform routine checkup of the plumbing fixtures – flush handle, valves, pipes, sinks and drains, as well as the grout that attaches the toilet bowl to the floor. Leaks are the most common culprits for mold buildup and nasty stench.   

4. Knobs and Handles

The Problem: Dirty and/or wet door handles, knobs, and flush handles. They are a hotbed for a whole host of public restroom germs – including the dreaded Staphylococcus aureus and the dreaded Escherichia coli!

The Solution: Aside from frequently disinfecting the handles and keeping them dry regularly throughout the course of a day, the best way to combat the transfer of germs from handles and other repeatedly-touched objects is to encourage hand hygiene. Regularly stock up on soaps and paper towels and strategically place hand sanitizers by doors for complete protection!

5. Paper and Soap Products

The Problem: Significant lack of paper and soap products. Aside from complaints of underwhelming (or outright non-existent) cleanliness, the lack of paper and soap products are among the worst offenses of public bathrooms. Not having enough to clean one’s hands with soap after using the loo is a glaring reminder of all the public restroom germs they may have acquired and are about to spread to the world.

The Solution: Partner with a facilities services company that can provide you with a steady supply of soap and paper products with dispensers. And don’t settle for just about any kind of soaps – pick ones that offer disinfecting properties to help prevent the spread of germs in your business.

6. Floors

The Problem: Discolored or stained grout, mold and mildew, wetness and stains. Floors are prime real estate for public restroom germs – with constant moisture and tracked-in dirt from people’s shoes brewing the perfect storm. Mold and mildew are also massive fans of the moisture and cold environments, and not only create disgusting stains and stench but also pose a serious threat to health.

The Solution: Invest in effective floor disinfectants and match them with diligent, routine, and thorough cleaning at least two times a day using high-quality wet mops. It would also help to promptly attend to dirt and stains as they happen so they do not have time to stick to the floor and become harder to clean. But what is perhaps the best investment to keep floors clean at all times is a set of restroom mats. They not only keep the dirt and debris residue from foot traffic off of your floors, but they also help prevent moisture buildup. Not to mention, they also provide an added layer of protection against slip, trip, and fall accidents common on wet restroom floors.

Keep up with your restroom needs.

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