Your Comprehensive Guide to Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

anti-fatigue floor mats guide


There’s a lot of different kinds of floor mats out there, so figuring out exactly what anti-fatigue floor mats are and what they do can be challenging. So, let’s break it down!

What are anti-fatigue floor mats and how do they work?

What separates anti-fatigue floor mats from other regular mats is the softer material they are made from. Their design creates very slight movement in the feet and legs. What this does is reduce the pressure on the body and the fatigue that standing on a hard floor can cause.

Therefore, anti-fatigue floor mats are ideal for employees who stand for extended periods of time. They help reduce the strain on the body that standing can cause while simultaneously making employees more productive.

What are the benefits of anti-fatigue floor mats?

There’s a reason that standing for long periods of time is bad. It reduces blood circulation in the body, making employees more prone to injury.

When you add anti-fatigue floor mats to your business space, you:

Provide better shock absorption and circulation, resulting in improved employee comfort. When employees are experiencing lower back and joint pain, they are less likely to be productive on the job, and they are also more likely to get injured. This means that you could potentially be liable for their injury, or they may need to take time off work due to injury or fatigue. Not only this, but if the job is causing employees to be in pain and not feel their best, you are more likely to experience employee turnover. All of these situations lead to your business losing money.

Increase safety by reducing the risk of slip-and-fall injuries. The proper anti-fatigue floor mat will not only protect your employees from injury from your hard floors, but the mat also functions as a barrier between the shoe and a slippery floor. Therefore, anti-fatigue floor matting is great for protecting your employees against slip-and-fall accidents.

When should you start considering anti-fatigue floor mats?

Now that you know what anti-fatigue floor mats are and why your business might need them, it’s time to evaluate whether they may serve a necessary function for you.

If you experience these things during the average workday, then it may be time to find mats for your business:

You hear employees complaining about lower back or joint pain. If your employees are already talking to you about how they need matting, or are complaining about the pains they deal with from standing, then you have a clear sign that it’s time to invest in anti-fatigue matting. But also listen for more subtle hints. Employees might not feel like it’s their place to complain to you, but if you overhear them talking about symptoms of conditions you get from standing for long periods, then consider being proactive and getting mats before your employees’ pains turn into something more serious.

Employees spend extended lengths of time standing in their work space. If you are just starting your business, and you do not necessarily have employees complaining about pain at this point, then simply look at the responsibilities of each position you are hiring for. If they involve standing for lengths of time, such as at a cash register, then take charge and find quality anti-fatigue floor mats.

Where should you get anti-fatigue floor mats?

It’s essential when looking for the right anti-fatigue floor mat for your business that you get one that will effectively reduce employee pain and prevent potential risks. When you purchase from just any supplier, you don’t always know exactly what you are getting. And if your mats are not maintained properly, they won’t be able to perform their necessary function.

That’s why you should make sure you only use NDC mats. We provide a quality anti-fatigue mat service.

No need to worry about cleaning and maintenance.

At NDC, you can get a quality floor mat that is consistently cleaned and maintained for you. We maintain our mats’ original quality so you worry less about the risk of worn edges and surface texture, and so your employees can remain productive and enjoy their work shift more.

To learn more about our quality anti-fatigue floor mat service, contact us at 800-238-2387.