3 Top Reasons Businesses Get Sued

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It’s not uncommon for businesses to get sued. In fact, statistics show that 36-53% of small businesses are involved in at least one litigation in any given year. While these statistics can be scary for business owners, it’s important to understand why people are suing and how it can be prevented.

With nearly 50 years of industry experience, we’ve seen it all here at NDC Mats. That’s why we want to protect our readers and customers as much as possible. Making sure you’re educated on common lawsuits in the workplace before they have the chance to happen can make a big difference.

Here are 3 top reasons that businesses get sued and how you can prevent these situations today:

1. Breach of Contract

Formal contracts are important in order to ensure that investors, owners, employees, etc. are on the same page. However, a business owner can get sued if they don’t comply with the terms of a signed contract. So, be sure to read and write out your contracts properly.

One way to make sure your contract is the perfect fit for your business is to consult with a lawyer. Your business is unique, so don’t just use a generic contract you found online. While it is time consuming to write out a contract from scratch, it’s worth it to make sure it says exactly what you want.

It can also be helpful to create an employee handbook and read through it with your employees present. This way, they can ask questions and you can clarify any terms before the agreements are signed.

2. Wrongful Termination

Many lawsuits occur due to wrongful termination or discrimination allegations. As a business owner, it’s important to make sure you fully understand the Civil Rights Act, the Equal Pay Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, among others.

When in doubt, ask your employees questions, listen to their feedback, and create a warm environment where everyone feels they are listened to. Addressing concerns before they have the chance to grow and get worse is always a safe bet.

3. Slips and Falls (Injuries)

Slips and falls are the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims. Many businesses have their workers wear non-slip shoes, but you can’t guarantee your workers will always wear them. Plus, this doesn’t protect customers.

One of the best ways to prevent slips and falls for both employees and customers is to invest in a high-quality mat service. Here at NDC, we include slip-resistant backing in our mats to help reduce the chances of a complicated lawsuit.

Count on NDC Mats to Help Prevent Injury Today!

While you can’t prevent litigation 100%, there are steps you can take to reduce your chances of getting sued. Staying organized, keeping records, and listening to employee concerns are great ways to prevent litigations.

Additionally, utilizing a reliable mat service like NDC mats is a great way to prevent common injuries such as slips and falls. We specialize in a variety of mats as well as towels, mops, and restroom products. Keeping your business clean and dry will help minimize the chances of an accident.

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