Work Floor Mats Improve Job Satisfaction. Here’s Why:

Work Floor Mats

Professionally-maintained work floor mats make a great impression on current employees and potential employees. For optimal productivity and job satisfaction, your choice of floor mats plays a key role. 

And we are not just talking about run-of-the-mill, off the supermarket rack floor mats. High-quality floor mats strategically placed in key areas are needed to get every benefit from work floor mats. We are talking about functional mats that are designed to address specific areas of concern in your facility.

Here are a couple of reasons why employees prefer matted workplaces:

Work Foor Mats Makes Workplaces Safer

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), injuries from slip and fall accidents account for the majority of lost days at work. These injuries range from sprains and fractures to more life-threatening traumatic brain injuries. High traction floor mats are effective in preventing slip and fall accidents in the workplace.

Slip and falls are not the only workplace hazards from which floor mats can protect employees. Anti-fatigue mats are also a popular ergonomic addition to many facilities. These mats are specifically designed for workers who stand on their feet at work for longer periods. They are common in commercial kitchens, reception areas, and production lines. The special design of anti-fatigue mats promotes micro-movements in the legs and feet. This helps distribute the body’s weight, thus reducing strain.

Having the right mats in the right places – especially in crucial ones like wet areas – are not simply a sign of compliance with federal safety standards. Employees perceive this to mean that your company cares about their well-being and that you invest in their safety.

Workplaces With Work Floor Mats are Cleaner

In a public space where foot traffic is constant, it is impossible to get floors completely clean. But this is no excuse for visibly stained, unkempt floors! That is simply a sign of neglect and carelessness. That is why employees are more likely to trust a matted workplace.

The work floor mats in the right areas of your facility help keep your business cleaner. For instance, a good layer of scraper and brush mats at entrances filter tracked-in dirt from shoes. Meanwhile, the right type of restroom mats prevents moisture from getting dragged elsewhere in your facility.

Floor mats may not make floors clean enough to eat off of, but they surely help make it look like they are.

Work Floor Mat Service Improves and Protects Business

Keeping your floors clean, safe, and in tiptop shape is a full-time job. Nobody has time for that – especially when you’re trying to keep a business running at full speed.

But mediocre floor mat care is just as bad as having no floor mat service at all. That’s why you call in the experts for help.

That’s why you call National Dust Control. NDC has everything on your floor mat care checklist ticked off and then some. We have NFSI-certified floor mat selections. We are experts in floor mat care. And most important of all, we are experts in keeping our clients happy.

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