Mat Rental Benefits: What Floor Mat Rental Does that Ownership Can’t

Mat Rental Benefits

Can any business ever go wrong with the right floor mats? They keep your floors clean and safe, they can even have ergonomic benefits, and they look great. Mat ownership, however, isn’t great. Between constant cleaning, damage, and replacement, mat ownership is tiring. Mat rental, however, and the mat rental benefits that come with them, can change everything. Here’s how: 

Renting and buying floor mats may be on equal footing when it comes to product quality, but there are many areas where renting is the clear winner. Here are some things that floor mat rental does that ownership cannot:

Mat Rental Benefits: Cost Savings

Don’t buy into the idea that a one-time purchase of floor mats is going to save you money long term. When it comes to business floor mats, it is never a one-time purchase. Gravity always wins. Dirt always wins. Foot traffic always wins and no mat – no matter how nice it is – can last forever. Purchasing isn’t an effective solution to your long-term floor care needs.

Floor mat rental benefits your wallet by not requiring a huge upfront fee, but also eliminates the cost of mat replacement for when the floor mat reaches its inescapable end-life. Aside from that, you can see how the savings add up once you factor in what maintaining the floor mats cost you in overhead – extra time, extra personnel, extra payment, etc.

Mat Rental Benefits: Keep Mats Fresher, Longer

Floor mat rentals come with regular maintenance. If you are working with a reliable matting professional, this service can help keep your floor mats looking and functioning at their best for a long time. Signs of wear and tear become less of a worry, especially since proper maintenance delays these processes.

And because they stay fresh for longer, you’ll get more use out of your floor mats – even more than what you would have if you bought them.

Renting Saves Time

Floor mat maintenance is an unavoidable chore. Like many things, if you want to get good results out of it, you have to do it right and excellently. Doing floor mat care right automatically translates to spending a couple of hours of deep cleaning and drying your floor mats. These are hours you would have to pay for if you are delegating this task to an employee, or hours that you could easily have spent doing something that brings revenue. Floor mat rental saves you from all that.

Floor mat rentals are maintained by the service providers, providing better results sans the effort and the hassle.

Finding the Right Floor Mat Rental Service Provider

All mat rental service providers aren’t equal. Some are better than others and picking the right floor mat rental provider is key to gaining all the benefits we’ve mentioned above. When you’re in the market for your next floor mat service partner, pick one that has both the expertise and experience to bring you the results that you need – like National Dust Control!   

NDC has been providing businesses with safe, clean, and reliable floor mat rental services since 1970. We certainly have the experience and the expertise that your business needs.

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