How Floor Mats Can Help Your Business Go Green

go green

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the carbon footprint of your business or office, floor mats can help bring you closer to that goal. Floor mats can help your business go green, here’s how: 

More than ever before, it’s important for companies to consider how their functions and habits affect the environment around them. With buildings in the U.S. being responsible for 38% of CO2 emissions and 73% of electricity consumption, green awareness in business practices is becoming a staple factor in business modeling, and not just for the environment’s sake.

What Mats Can Do For You

The right mat in the right place can make the difference between indoor air that’s polluted or clean. This is because 85% of indoor pollutants come in through the door. While there are a few sources of this pollution according to the EPA, outdoor smoke and exhaust, radon formation, and volatile chemicals released from water usage as well as soil, dust, and mold carried in on people’s shoes heavily contribute to the problem. 

Sometimes these problems can become so severe that building occupants can develop a condition known as “sick building syndrome.” When this happens, simply being inside the building causes eyes, nose, and throat irritation, as well as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue until they leave. 

With the right mats placed in the right locations, you can limit the amount of contaminants entering the workspace while keeping your floors clean and looking better for longer. Some powerful options are: 

  • Scraper Mats: The first line of defense in keeping outdoor contaminants out. With deep ridges and grime-sticking rubber cells, most harmful material trying to enter will be caught and tamped down. This ensures that dirt doesn’t leave the mat until replaced and cleaned by a professional. 
  • Entrance / Logo Mats: For the finer particulate, a high-quality, high-traction mat placed beyond the scraper mat will catch and hold what the scraper missed. To mix this important function with company flare, customized logo mats are available. 

What Mats Can Do For The Environment

While our culture of use and toss might be nice for the economy, it’s problematic for the environment. Rubber, leather, and textiles account for almost 10% of the material in landfills, most of which hasn’t been used to its full end-life. 

Compounding this issue is the wide-usage of cheap materials for cheap products. That $30 area mat might look and feel great (particularly because of that price!), but when three months go by and its edges are thinned and curling, its fibers are discolored and flattened, and it’s smelling up the office like wet dog, you’re not going to pay someone triple what it cost to have it cleaned. You’re going to toss it and dig deeper into your pockets. 

NDC Mats is Here to Help

Instead, call NDC, The Floor Mat People. Not only will we provide the high-quality material that will stand the test of time and stay out of landfills, but we’ll manage all the mats in your business. That means you’ll never have to worry about any mat getting dirty, smelly, or old. And, because we clean and maintain the mats to get the most out of them, you’ll rest easy knowing they’re staying out of landfills. 

Still unsure? Call 800-238-2387 today and ask about our free trial offer. Call now, and put your air contaminants, environmental concerns, and your floor safety worries to rest.