How Floor Mats Protect Your Business From Pathogens

How Floor Mats Protect Your Business From Pathogens

Pathogens like viruses and bacteria are everywhere: in dirt, dust, and the air. One of the best ways to protect your business is to keep as much of that dust and dirt out as possible. High-quality, professionally-maintained mats from National Dust Control are some of the most effective ways to do just that. 

Here’s how NDC’s floor mats can protect your business from pathogens and other dangers: 

Dramatic Dirt and Dust Reduction

Properly-sourced and -placed matting in your business can decrease the presence of dirt and dust by up to 85%. Even the smallest amount of dirt and dust contain their own microbial ecosystem. Anything from bacteria and viruses to allergens and other contaminants can be present. When they get into your building, they reach your customers and employees and cause illness and discomfort. 

Having a comprehensive matting system established in your business will not only keep 85% of the dirt off the floor, but out of the air too. If left around, either on the floor or in low-quality mats, dirt and dust can reenter the air after being kicked up. From there, they come into dangerous contact with your customers and employees until filtered out.

Mats from NDC are specifically engineered and constructed to pull dirt and grime off of shoes and keep them contained. With regular, professional washing and maintenance, our mats never weaken, and will always protect. 

Other Ways Mats Protect Your Business

When dirt and dust accumulate on a floor, it’s not only an eyesore, but it’s dangerous. Proper floor mat selection and usage is one of the best ways to limit the dangers and unsightliness of dirt. With slip and falls averaging $50,000 in legal fees alone, most businesses would have trouble absorbing even one.  Not only does the dirt brought in underfoot make your floors dirty, but it could also damage them.  

With NDC’s mats providing your business the matting it needs, your customers and employees will always have firm ground to stand on. No matter the conditions outside or what’s gotten inside, if high-quality mats are present, there’s nothing to worry about. With the fantastic combination of stability, quality, and peerless absorption, our mats are the ones to get the job done.

Containment of Outdoor Elements 

The phrase “you never know what’s going to be coming through those doors” applies to not only people, but also what they bring in on their shoes. Unfortunately, dirt, dust, and the microbes they bring in aren’t the only things that feel welcome. Ice, salt, and water can cause great damage to any floor. If enough time or traffic passes without salt build up or water infiltration recognized and taken care of, that damage might need expensive repair. 

With rubber backing and professional care at every turn, you’ll never have to worry about your floors getting damaged by the elements. NDC knows what it takes to ensure the safety of your business’s employees, customers, and flooring. 

Contact National Dust Control Today for Pathogen Protection

The health of your employees, customers, and floor’s longevity depends on proactive measures. NDC provides those measures in an affordable, professional way. For more information on our mats and everything else we can do, give us a call at (800) 238-2387 or contact us here.