Places You Shouldn’t Put Mats in Your Business

places you shouldn't put mats in your business

As a premium provider of high-quality mats for businesses, NDC Mats knows the many benefits that come with mat use. Mats are an unparalleled protector of your customers, employees, and business as a whole. They’re powerfully effective when properly chosen and well placed. There are, however, a few places in your business where mats just don’t belong. 

Here are some of them: 

In Storage

A mat in storage is a mat without purpose. Stored mats are problematic for the storage and for the mat itself. Here’s why the closet is no place for a quality mat. 

Awkward to Store

Whether it’s rolled or shelved, storing a mat is awkward. They’re flat, stiff, long and wide. Keeping them in a storage closet would eat up much of that space for just one mat. Odds are, they’ll be stored flat and other materials put on top of them.

They’re Forgotten

Because they’re awkward to store, they’ll be put in odd places or under things or held against a shelf wall. A combination of low visibility and time passing will take that high-quality mat and make it a high-quality shelf liner. 

They Degrade

Even if they’re not being used, mats still age. Depending on the humidity, temperature, and  other exposures, the mats in storage might not stay useful. If left alone too long, they’ll lose their elasticity, their grip, and effectiveness. They might even become dangerous if the fabric buckles never settle and become trip-hazards.  

Low Foot-Traffic Areas

A mat seldom used is not much better than one that’s stored. While a mat in a low foot-traffic area will last longer, it will not be considered when it’s time to clean. A mat left to its own devices is a mat that can’t be relied on. Loss of grip, weathered piling, and overexposure can turn any mat into a potential hazard. All it takes is an employee to be moving too fast or carrying too much for the mat to become a tripping or slipping hazard. 

A mat in a low-traffic area is also a mat not in a high-traffic area. That loss of dust capturing capability is lost in front of the utility closet.  If the mat’s purpose isn’t being fulfilled, the only person who loses out is the business owner. 


Stairs are not the place for mats. If the goal is to keep dirt and debris from building up on the stairs, place mats far before the stairs are reached. If mats are on or near the stairs’ top, bottom, or landings, they can be very dangerous. Because of their raised surfaces, someone could easily trip going up or coming down. With how dangerous falling down stairs can be, the risk simply isn’t worth it.  

Stair cleanliness is best addressed far before visitors or employees get to them. NDC has a large selection of mats for every need and every size. 

In the Dumpster 

The last place your mats should end up is the dumpster. If your mats eventually find their way there, something’s not right. For you, your customers, and employees’ sakes, only high-quality mats should be used in your business. Those high-quality mats are built to last. Throwing them out is the ultimate waste, and is either the result of dissatisfied performance, or poor upkeep. 

A mat thrown away is money thrown away. Not only for the waste of it, but because you’ll need to buy another mat quickly. That’s time and energy along with the expenses. 

NDC Mats has the High-Quality Mats Your Business Needs! 

If you’re ready to upgrade every mat in your business while saving money on mat costs, there’s only one thing to do: contact NDC. Our mat experts are ready with world-class inventory and professional care expertise to keep them looking fresh. To take the next step, give NDC Mats a call at (800) 238-2387 or contact us here