industrial mats

Household vs. Industrial Mats: What’s Best for Your Business?

Industrial Mats

Finding the right mat for your business is important to ensure its safe running. To get that assurance, there can’t be any doubt that your mats can handle the traffic of your business. 

There are many differences between household and industrial mats. Consider these differences before making a choice as to which to use in your business. 

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floor cost

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Floors?

floor cost

One of the most disruptive and costly repairs that businesses owners end up having to make is floor replacement. If possible, replacing your floors should be avoided at every turn. 

Here is just a glimpse of how much it could cost to replace your business floors:

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employee fatigue

How to Tackle Employee Fatigue

employee fatigue 2

Employees are the backbone of any business and without them doing their best, a lot of things can go wrong. However, everyone has good days and bad days. We’ve all found ourselves staying up too late one night and coming into work the next day extremely fatigued. 

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3 Top Reasons Businesses Get Sued

lawsuit featured

It’s not uncommon for businesses to get sued. In fact, statistics show that 36-53% of small businesses are involved in at least one litigation in any given year. While these statistics can be scary for business owners, it’s important to understand why people are suing and how it can be prevented.

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floor mat rental featured

Why You Should Consider Floor Mat Rental Instead of Purchasing Floor Mats

floor mat rental

So you’ve made the shift: commercial floor mats are indeed for you. Congratulations! There is little to no doubt about the convenience and efficiency that the right commercial floor mats can do for your facility. For one, floor cleaning and maintenance will be so much easier with floor mats than without.

There is just one more question left to be answered: should you rent or buy floor mats for your facility? We’ve listed the reasons why floor mat rental might be the best option for you.

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custom floor mats for business

Custom Floor Mats for Business Spaces: What They Do

custom floor mats for business featured

The moment a client enters your establishment, before they even encounter your products and services, they’re making judgments about whether or not they’ll want to come back or recommend you. These opinions are based on a variety of preconceived notions, but two primary things they’ll notice are your company’s cleanliness and its branding.

That’s why, while wowing your customers with your products and services is important, just as crucial is the appearance of your business.

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