gust control floor mat

How Dust Control Mats Can Benefit Your Business

National Dust Control is proud of our ability to provide high quality floor mats for a variety of businesses in the New Jersey and New York Metro areas. Our floor mats exhibit an attractive appearance for your business, portraying professionalism and value in caring for your business and its customers. We also make sure that all of the floor mats that we service your business with are capable of protecting floors and controlling dust volumes.

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caution wet floor sign

Slip and Fall Statistics

Slips and falls are extremely dangerous situations for any type of business. These situations can happen anywhere in the business, not necessarily in a slippery zone or kitchen. It is important to learn the causes and steps to prevent slips and falls from occurring.

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guidelines anti-fatigue floor mats

NFSI Guidelines For Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-Fatigue Floor mats provide foot and back support to employees that spend hours standing while performing their job. Over time without proper support joints can deteriorate and cause great pain to the employee resulting in having to take time off as well as hefty medical expenses and the cost is only rising.

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